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Find out about the exciting features in GO Loader Aviation v1.2

Product Background

GO Loader Aviation is made up of the following components, enabling you to load data into your database of choice:

  • GO Loader Aviation Desktop - configuration of the transformations required for data loading into your database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL server 2008 etc).
  • GO Loader Aviation Agent - the inbuilt command line interface so you can automate your loading process

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Installation Guide

Before using GO Loader Aviation, you will need to download an installer from the Snowflake Customer Portal.

The Installation Guide explains how to download an installer file, as well as deploy your licence file(s).

User Guide

New to GO Loader Aviation?

Our GO Loader Aviation User Guide is the best place to start, providing insight into running GO Loader Aviation Studio, before leading you onto AIXM 5.1 worked Example.

The GO Loader Aviation Process provides a knowledge base of what each button and menu option does and is useful as a reference, for the experienced GO Loader Aviation User.

GO Loader Agent User Guide

Release Notes

The GO Loader Aviation release notes provide background information to Snowflake Softwares development process and provides explanatory information on what is included in each version of this product.

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