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This document is intended for end users who want to be taken through a detailed screen by screen description of the functionality and configuration options available within GO Loader. We reccommend you have read GO Loader Installation Guide before reading this guide.

When you launch GO Loader you are presented with a series of steps summarised below which enable you to load GML data into your Oracle database. These configurable steps are saved as a project, allowing you to save your chosen options for translating your GML data into database tables. Each of the steps in GO Loader have been grouped into three stages:

Project Setup:

  • Project Management - lets you organise GO Loader projects. Each project contains a different translation from GML to database tables.
  • GML Schema Selection - select the XML schema files for your GML data.
  • GML Filter - if there are certain Feature Types or Attributes in your data which you never need you can filter them out.
  • Translation Policy - select your data loading preferences, loading to a single database table or many, how to deal with repeating fields, etc.
  • Translations/Tables - specify in detail how to translate each GML Element of your feature types into database tables and columns.

Database Configuration:

  • Loader configuration - test the connection to the database you want to load data into.
  • Spatial Reference - specify the spatial reference system of the data to be loaded.
  • Tablespace and Partitions - optional - for larger data sets, specify physical tablespaces for tables/indices, and partition your data/indices if required.

Data loading:

  • Create Tables - at the click of a button, create tables in your database using the definition created earlier.
  • Load Files - select and load GML file(s) into your database (or create SQL*Loader files).
  • Create Indices - create the database indices, including the spatial indices.

With the additional extra to set up your Logging in GO Loader Studio prior to loading.

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