GO Loader Aviation 1.2 is here! Take a look at what's new.
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New in 1.2

GO Loader Aviation contains all the great stuff we brought you in v1.1 (below) with v1.2 bringing GO Loader Aviation onto the JAVA 1.8 platform so that you can take advantage of improved security and reliability.

Improved Support for Air Data Repository (ADR) Data

The AIXM 5.1 Project Template bundled with GO Loader Aviation has been modified to include the latest available version of the Air Data Repository (ADR) schema from Eurocontrol. This improvement to the AIXM 5.1 project template will allow users to connect to a database, create the necessary tables and start loading ADR data in minutes. 

Support for Referenced Geometries in ADR Dataset

ADR Data from Eurocontrol uses a system whereby geometry points are only ever declared once. This allows for better data accuracy, ensuring that a given point is the ultimate 'source of truth' for a given location. Thanks to the improved support for ADR data loading in GO Loader Aviation 1.2, you can now load data that contains PointPropertyType geometry references, providing the referenced geometry exists within the file (or file list) being loaded.

Mapped ADR Data Types:

Timesheet ExtensionADR Message Extension
Airspace ExtensionAirport Heliport Set
RouteAvailability ExtensionAbstract Route Segment Vertical Limit Extension
RoutePortion ExtensionRoute Segment Vertical Limit
FlightCondition Element ExtensionRoute Segment Extension
Airspace Border Crossing ObjectRoute Extension
Abstract Airspace Border Crossing Object ExtensionAbstract Route Track Portion Extension
Standard Instrument Arrival ExtensionRoute Track Portion
Standard Instrument Departure ExtensionAbstract Intermediate Significant Point Extension
Intermediate Significant PointAirport Heliport Set TimeSlice



Better, customisable and more streamlined logging

We have improved the logging system in GO Loader Aviation by reducing the number of logs created per transaction. Now, instead of creating a new log file every time a transaction takes place, all of your logs can be stored in one log file, which is appended every time you perform a task in GO Loader Aviation. This log file can be rolled at a time of your choosing, according to a user defined file size and/or date.

Streamlining the logging in GO Loader Aviation means you can do more with the logging information provided. This allows for better automated auditing, or use in a third party application such as Splunk.

Want to learn more about the new logging features in GO Loader Aviation 1.2? Head to the logging setup page in our documentation.




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