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This is the home of the SWIM Master Class 2015 space where we have provided a series of How-To articles, templates and guidance on getting the most from Snowflake products during the Master Class.  The concept for 2015 is to enable participants to innovate on top of a basic SWIM platform, providing templates for AIXM, IWXXM and FIXM loading services, databases and publication services.  Choose from our templates, migrate from AIXM 4.5 to 5.1, link up weather reports to flight data, the choice is yours.


To get up and running quickly with a micro SWIM system, you'll need the following:

  1. GO Loader Aviation 1.1 and GO Publisher 3.1
  2. A geodatabase - Oracle, SQL Server, Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL + PostGIS) or local PostgreSQL + PostGIS
  3. The open standard XML schemas for AIXM, IWXXM, FIXM and OGC services
  4. The template projects for AIXM, IWXXM and FIXM
  5. A compatible client to exploit the data in your context or scenario such as the ATM Viewer, JUMPstart, or build your own!

Then follow our series of Step-By-Step How-To articles for creating the database schema, connecting GO Publisher to publish AIXM, KML or JSON to a client. If you want to update your data, you'll need a loading web service or use our WFS-T.

We also have some examples of Digital NOTAM's.


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