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This document is intended for end users who want to find out about what has changed between released versions available under GO Loader Early Access.

Snowflake Software development uses Agile Project Management. This means internal development is based on fortnightly 'sprints' - planned development that allows change integration. This means that 'Sprint' versions are released fortnightly for internal testing, but not all sprints are released to the public. However we do offer Get Early Access to our Products to customers allowing them access to the latest software versions and provide feedback through the Snowflake Customer Portal.

Release Notes Explained:

Sprint Release Notes:

To find out about what has changed between versions you can browse through the Sprint release notes.

Sub-task: [Product Code and task number e.g. GP-45] - description of sub-task to aid development.

Bugs Fixed: Internal or externally reported bugs - something that requires development within a product.

Improvement: Internal or externally reported improvement request e.g. functionality works but could be done better.

Task: Preperation task to aid development.

New Feature: A new piece of functionality requested by a user or from internal development ideas. You can request a new feature through the Snowflake Customer Portal > Ideas section.

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