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GML Viewer 5.0

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Product Download

This section shows how to download the GML Viewer installer file ready for install.


Step 1: Snowflake Software Labs

The appropriate GML Viewer installer for your operating system can be downloaded from the Snowflake Software Labs.

Step 2: Select a Viewer

We have two to choose from Our OS MasterMap Viewer for GML Datasets published by Ordnance Survey or our GML Viewer for a generic GML Viewer capable of viewing any GML 2 or GML 3.* dataset

Free to download, the GML Viewer uses the core framework of our OS MasterMap Viewer and a subset of the generic parsing technology used in GO Loader. Over 30,000 users have downloaded the viewer so far, making it the most popular free GML viewing tool available. But don’t just take our word for it, download it today and try it for yourself.

Step 3: Go to the Download Page

Click or  which will take you to a product registration page.

Complete the Registration Form and click Send.

Registration page example Image

 Step 4: Activation Code

You will automatically be emailed an activation code for your viewer download, meanwhile (now your registration is complete) your web browser display will change to show a range of product installers.


Please keep the email containing your product activation code since it is required the first time you run your product.

 Step 5: Product download

Select the appropriate product Installer according to your operating system, and whether or not you require Java with the installation - Click on your required installer which will automatically start downloading.


Different web browsers:

If you are downloading Solaris or Linux installers on Windows using Internet Explorer, right click the appropriate link and select ‘Save Target As…’ or right click the appropriate link and select ‘Save Link As…’ if you download using Mozilla Firefox.


 GML Viewer Installers Image 


The GML Viewer is available with or without a Java virtual machine

Without Java - If you have Java 1.6 or higher installed on your machine choose the ‘without Java VM’ option.

Includes Java - If you do not have java installed or are unsure which version you have installed download the ‘includes Java VM’ option.


Step 5: Install Product

When the download is complete, run the executable file (.exe) to begin the install process on your machine.

Please follow the Install instructions  (including video tutorial) to install this product onto your computer.

Once the installation is complete and you run the product for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the activation code that was emailed to you. 


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  1. Unknown User (bjoglekar)

    The installers page has 'Contact Us' against most of the installers. This was because Wordpress would not allow me to upload the installers which had extensions .sh etc. Now that we have moved everything to Amazon Web Services we should be uploading the other installers and link them back to the Installers page. Probably after we have created a Amazon account for the team.