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This page details how to configure publishing jobs to use in the GO Publisher Workflow Manager.

What is a Publish Job?

A publish job is an xml document which informs the system what to do when the job is run (i.e. - which data to publish from the database and how).

You can upload multiple jobs to GO Publisher Workflow. You can also start more than one job at one time and set the priority of jobs.

How do I create a Publish Job?

Create a Publish Job file - the mandatory and optional configuration for a publish job.

How do I customise a Publish Job

You can configure a publish job to select specific data from your database and divide the selection into chunks based on different criteria.

The selection and chunking scenarios can be used in combination. For example, you can choose to query by geographical extent then chunk the output by attribute.

Data Selection

Publish jobs without selection will publish all of the data in the database.

See Data Selection for detailed instructions and examples.

Data Chunking

Publish jobs without chunking will produce a single XML file with all of the data.

See Data Chunking for detailed instructions and examples.

Job Type configuration tables

Certain Publish Job Types require a configuration table creating: Publish Job Configuration Tables

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