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Following our introduction of GO Publisher Workflow, this page explains in brief the steps required to configure and mange Products within GO Publisher Workflow

What is a Product?

'Product' refers to a directory which is set up based on the dataset used in your GO Publisher project (.gpp) file and your publishing requirements.

You will need to configure a GO Publisher Workflow Product directory, and then upload it as a ZIP file to your GO Publisher Workflow system. It is possible to set up multiple 'products' to allow you to publish from multiple GO Publisher project files.


Configure your products

Configure products describes how to set up a Product directory.

Manage your products

Products can then be uploaded and managed using either the:


For information on using GO Publisher Workflow within a business work-flow system, refer to the GO Publisher Workflow RESTful API guide.

Further Reading

Once you've set up your products, you can then configure publishing jobs and publish data using the GO Publisher Workflow User Guide.


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