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This page explains all the requirements that are needed to ensure GO Publisher Workflow can be used successfully

GO Publisher Project (.gpp)


The table below details which versions of the GO Publisher Desktop project file, used to configure your GO Publisher Workflow instance, are compatible with your installation of GO Publisher Workflow.

GO Publisher Desktop

GO Publisher Workflow
GOPublisher.gpp 2.0(error)(error)(error)
GOPublisher.gpp 2.1(error)(error)(error)
GOPublisher.gpp 3.0(error)(error)
GOPublisher.gpp 3.1
GOPublisher.gpp 4.0

Working Application Server

We assume you have a working installation of one of the supported application servers, prior to installing GO Publisher Workflow.

We support and test on the following application servers:

Application ServerGO Publisher 4.0 Workflow
Weblogic v12.2.1(tick)
Wildfly v10(tick)

Database Requirements

We support the following databases when using GO Publisher Workflow: 

 Wildfly v8WebLogic v12.1.3
Oracle 12c(tick)(tick)
PostgreSQL 9.0/9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4 - PostGIS v2.0/2.2(tick)(tick)
SQLServer 2014(tick)(tick)

GPWORKFLOW Database Schema and Tables

A database schema is required to hold the tables that are automatically created by GO Publisher Workflow. For best database management and organisation, we recommend using a different schema from the one containing the data you are publishing. It is referred to as GPWORKFLOW throughout this documentation, however you can choose another schema name if you wish to do so. Create a GPWorkflow Database Schema describes in more detail how to create this schema with tablespace and permissions that are required for GO Publisher Workflow.

GPWorkflow Control Tables describes the database tables which are created by GO Publisher Workflow.

Product Database Schema(s) Containing Your Data

Throughout this guide, the database containing the data you wish to publish is referred to as THE SOURCE DATABASE. This source database should be set up prior to installation of GO Publisher Workflow.

If you are configuring multiple products and publishing multiple datasets, you may wish to have more than one source database.

For certain publishing jobs, you will need to create Configuration Tables. These can be created in a different schema to the one containing your product data, which is covered in the Configure products page.

Database Drivers

In order to connect to your database you will need to download relevant Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers for your specific database (they are not provided by Snowflake Software, but are available online).

DatabaseDriver Name
Oracle 12c

Oracle OJDBC7 driver


This is dependent on your postgreSQL version and your JDK version, for example:

PostgreSQL 9.4 will use postgresql-9.4-1002.jdbc4.jar


Find out where to Install JDBC drivers for GO Publisher Workflow.

Find out how to Configure the JDBC Data Source Connections for your database drivers for GO Publisher Workflow.

GO Publisher Project

A relevant GO Publisher project file (connecting to the source database and containing desired translations from database tables to the target schema elements), is required in order to Configure products for your product(s).

GO Publisher Workflow Licence

You can download your GO Publisher Workflow licence file from the Snowflake Software Customer Portal (support.snowflakesoftware.com) using your user log-in details.

GO Publisher Workflow licence file (gopublisher_xxx-xxx-xxxx.lic)


GO Publisher Workflow Components

GO Publisher Workflow components are available to download from the Snowflake Software Customer Portal (support.snowflakesoftware.com)

In addition to the GO Publisher workflow and product admin WAR files, we provide a ZIP file that contains relevant resources to get you up and running with our workflow deployments.

From the Support Portal, under the relevant GO Publisher section, you need to download:

  • go-publisher-workflow-x.xx.war file
  • go-publisher-workflow-product-admin-x.xx.war file
  • go-publisher-workflow-x.xx-example-resources.zip

The format of the example resources zip is outlined below.



Deploy this folder on your supported application server - it contains a directory structure that includes configuration files. Read Deploying GO Publisher Workflow to find out more about these file configurations.


Wildfly8 only. This folder contains the module.xml file to be placed alongside with the classpath resources in the modules/com/snowflakesoft/sf-workflow/config/main folder of the Wildfly10 installation folder. 


This folder contains a series of .xsd files against which you can validate your GO Publisher Workflow configuration including your gopublisher.xml file, product.xml file, and publishing jobs.


This is logging configuration example for supported application servers.


This ZIP file contains an example 'product' configuration. See Configure products for more information.

GO Publisher Workflow supports the ASCII character-encoding scheme. All characters used in GO Publisher Workflow's configuration must be ASCII characters.

Further Reading

Once you have all of the pre-requisites, you can follow the GO Publisher Workflow Deployment Steps to set up GO Publisher Workflow on your application server.

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