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Welcome to GO Publisher Workflow



This document is intended for GO Publisher Workflow admin and end users.

Use GO Publisher Workflow to...

  • Export large volumes of data as batches of files for offline data load
  • Run as a standalone product or integrated into an exisiting data ordering or work-flow system
  • Enable metadata configuration
  • Configure syntactic and semantic validation
  • Provide a Transformation service for uploading and executing XSLT transformations
  • Supply data via http download, WebDav, RESTful web service or content management

What is GO Publisher Workflow?

See Introducing GO Publisher Workflow for an introduction to the key concepts.

What's New in GO Publisher 4.0

For a quick update on what is new in GO Publisher 4.0, check out the GO Publisher v4.0 release note.

GO Publisher Workflow version 4.0 brings with it a suite of updates and improvements designed to make it the most versatile and performant version of GO Publisher Workflow yet. The bulk of the improvements centre around support for the latest platforms, so that your business can take advantage of the latest features available in the Database, Application Server and JAVA technology sectors.

Support for the Latest Databases

GO Publisher Workflow v4.0 brings with it support for the latest version of your favourite database (at time of release). That means you can hook your GO Publisher Workflow deployment up to Oracle Database 12c, Postgres 9.4 with the PostGIS 2.2 extension or Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

Support for the latest Application Servers

GO Publisher v4.0 has been designed to run on the latest versions of both WildFly (v10) and Oracle WebLogic (12.2.1).

Runs on Java v1.8 (Java 8)

GO Publisher Workflow now runs on Java 8 - allowing you to take advantage of the performance and security benefits that come with using this platform.

Improved Performance

Optimised database queries and streamlined codebase make GO Publisher v4.0 the fastest version of the file publishing application yet.

Are there any prerequisites to installing GO Publisher Workflow?

Yes, they are detailed here - GO Publisher Workflow Pre-Requisites.

System Requirements:

Before using GO Publisher Workflow please ensure that your system meets the GO Publisher Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements.

How do I install and configure GO Publisher Workflow?

Find out how to set up your GO Publisher Workflow Deployment on an application server. This is a detailed guide explaining how to set up your workflow configuration and database connections.

How do I use GO Publisher Workflow?

Admin Users:

After GO Publisher Workflow is deployed, admin users will need to set up 'Products' using the GO Publisher Workflow Product Setup guide.

General Users:

Once the GO Publisher Workflow 'Products' have been configured, users can submit publishing jobs and publish data. The GO Publisher Workflow User Guide explains how to create a publishing job and monitor the results using the Management Console or Management API.

Developing Applications?

For those of you who are developing applications that need to link directly to our API (Application Programming Interface) then the GO Publisher Workflow RESTful API User Guide is for you. It covers all of the API requests that we support, and how to test in a development view in your web browser.

Dive Deeper!

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