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Publish and Validated Output Files

Find out how to publish your data to XML/GML using a pre-defined XML schema. You can use the inbuilt validation engine to validate the output XML/GML files against the target schema.

Before Publishing...

Make sure that you've:

It is possible to select a different spatial reference system to output your gml data into - read how to do this in the Geometry Settings pages.


Publish Your Data

Click the  'Create a XML/GML file' button to publish your database to the target schema using the mappings defined in your GO Publisher project.

A 'Create a XML/GML file' dialog window will open. It will contain any settings that you've specified in the Desktop Settings Tab.

The 'Use Sample' option allows a small subset of data to be created, however this value is transitory and does not affect the project.

The Query Box field allows you to restrict the spatial extent published data using a bounding box.

Click OK to start creating the file with the published data.

GO Publisher will display a progress dialog whilst it writes the XML file to your chosen location.

Images shows the execution view dialogue which shows the progress of the publishing process.

Validate the published data

After generating output data, the results can be validated. Pressing the Validate button on the Desktop Settings tab activates GO Publishers built in validation engine. This validates the already generated XML/GML file against the pre-defined XML schema. The results are logged in the Execution View tab.

GO Publisher will display a progress dialog whilst it is validating the output XML/GML file.

Image shows the validation progress dialogue.

The validation results can be viewed in the Execution View tab of GO Publisher as shown below:

Image shows the validation results.



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