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This page explains GO Publisher projects which are created in GO Publisher Desktop and required for GO Publisher WFS and Workflow.


A GO Publisher project gathers together a translation and its associated settings and configuration. All of the settings needed to publish XML data from your database to a particular output schema is held in one project. A project is held in a GO Publisher project (.gpp) file.

A project can be reused across the GO Publisher deployment options – WFS and Workflow. This means that once you define a translation you can provide access to the data through that translation via different methods.

Projects and XML Schemas

An XML Schema which defines the output format of your data (e.g. - one defined as part of a data exchange standard), is required in order to build the translation in your project.

You can begin defining your translation by loading the schema file (.xsd file) for that schema. GO Publisher will then keep a reference to that schema in the project. When you set up the translation you will choose how to translate the data from your database to each element of the schema.

Database settings

The database settings contain the information needed to connect GO Publisher to the database, such as the database name, user name and password.

The Translation

Defining the translation is the main task that you will need to carry out to configure GO Publisher. It is the translation that controls how your data will appear in the output XML. When setting up the translation you will select the database tables and rows that data will be published from. You will decide which elements in the XML schema relate to those tables and columns.

GO Publisher WFS settings

A project can contain settings which specify how the project will be deployed as a WFS. These settings are used when the project is used within GO Publisher WFS but are ignored if the project is used in other deployment options.

Deployment of GO Publisher WFS is controlled from GO Publisher Desktop. When using GO Publisher WFS you will first need to use GO Publisher Desktop to create a project and configure these settings. You can then use GO Publisher Desktop to deploy the project as a WFS.

For more information about GO Publisher WFS, see the GO Publisher WFS 4.0 section.

GO Publisher Workflow

When using GO Publisher Workflow you will first need to use GO Publisher Desktop to create a project and configure the database to schema translations and settings. Once these settings have been saved to the project file, you can add your project to a 'product' which is uploaded to GO Publisher Workflow. GO Publisher Workflow will use the translations in your project when publishing your data.

For more information about GO Publisher Workflow, see the GO Publisher Workflow section.

Further Reading

The Quick Tour of GO Publisher Desktop provides a brief introduction to you to the various menus, tabs and panels in GO Publisher Desktop.

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