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This document is intended for end users who want to install GO Publisher Desktop, configuration tool for use with GO Publisher WFS or GO Publisher Workflow.

What should I install?

It is recommended that you install the same version of Desktop and WFS or Desktop and Workflow e.g. GP Desktop v3.0.2 and GP WFS v3.0.2.

Minimum Requirements

We support various Desktop installers with or without Java Runtime Environments across several operating systems. WFS and Workflow application server support may differ across platforms and versions. Please ensure that your system meets the Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements.

Install GO Publisher Desktop

This is a configuration tool for either WFS or Workflow and will allow you to create a .gpp file used in both WFS and Workflow deployments.

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Configure licences

You may also choose to Upgrade Software or Uninstall Software.

Installing GO Publisher WFS

Jump to install GO Publisher WFS - Administrator Guide

Installing GO Publisher Workflow

Jump to install GO Publisher Workflow

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