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In principle loading XML is no different to loading GML, since GML is an extension of XML. Data is stored in various formats, but XML is widely used as a data transfer format. There is no geographic element to it, which is why GML extends it, to provide a geographic aspect. 

GO Loader has been extended to load XML schemas. 

As well as support for GML schemas, GO Loader also allows you to create projects based on XML schemas. The process for parsing XML schemas and adding XML features to a GO Loader project is described in this section.

The process for adding and parsing an XML schema in GO Loader is much the same as when working with GML schemas, however there are key differences you will need to take note of.

Begin by creating a new GO Loader project, navigating to the GML Schema tab and selecting the "Add Schema File" option.

Navigate to your local schema directory and select the XML schema(s) you wish to parse. Clicking the "Open" option will add the schema to the list of schemas GO Loader will parse.

Once you are happy with the schema list, you can go ahead and click the "Parse Schemas" option. GO Loader will then process the schemas ready for the next step in the project creation process.

Now navigate to the GML Feature tab and click the "Add Feature" option. This is a necessary step when working with XML schemas in GO Loader.


When you click the "Add Feature" button, the "Select XML Element" window will appear. Here, you can select all of the XML features you would like to be included in your new GO Loader project. Holding "Ctrl" allows you to select multiple XML features at once. You can filter the number of features shown in this view by turning on or off included schemas in the bottom portion of the Select XML Element window. Once you have highlighted the desired features, go ahead and click "OK" to add the features to the GML Feature Tab.


Once you are happy with the list of XML features to be included in your GO Loader project mappings, you can continue the project setup process. Check out the Further Reading section below for more information on the next steps.

Background Concepts

Find out about the main differences between XML and how it extends to GML - XML, GML and Application Schemas.

Example XML Schemas

W3Schools talks you through a XML schema example


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