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OpenStreetMap Project Template

Create your own OpenStreetMap project from our template to make sure that the tables, columns and indexes created are those that are expected by the associated GO Loader OpenStreetMap Tool (this generates OpenStreetMap geometry).

Both standard OpenStreetMap project and OpenStreetMap Tool are supplied with your GO Loader install and are available from the Customer Portal resources. 

OpenStreetMap Project Template


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Using the OpenStreetMap Project Template

Use the GO Loader OpenStreetMap project template to get you up and running quickly. It contains the most popular OpenStreetMap attributes (taken from the OpenStreetMap tag_key values used globally).

This allows you to identify the following objects, classified as:

  • Aeroway
  • Amenity
  • Bridge
  • Building
  • Highway
  • Landuse
  • Leisure
  • Man_made
  • Name
  • Natural
  • Railway
  • Shop
  • Waterway


Customise your attribution!

We know that our customers are unique and you may want to view specific attributes in a GIS that vary from the above list. No problem! We've have developed the ability for you to customise the attributes you want to use. This is managed from your GO Loader OpenStreetMap project, which the OSM Tool integrates with, making it very simple to set up.

But first of all, you need to copy the project template, explained below. If you have your OpenStreetMap project already, then jump to OpenStreetMap Workflow

Step 1. Open a new session of GO Loader:

From your start menu click on the GO Loader application logo


Step 2. Create a New Project using a Template:

In GO Loader, click File. 

From the drop down menu select New Project from Template. This opens a new dialog window...

Image displaying how to select a New Project from a Template.

GO Loader Templates are NEW to version 1.7 - they help you create a project from our standard templates to save you time!

Step 3. Select the OpenStreetMap Project Template:

Use the Open diaglog window to select the OpenStreetMap template: OpenStreetMap_v1_7.glt which already contains the data mapping to create the required OpenStreetMap tables.

Click Open. This opens a new dialog window...

Image displaying how to select the OpenStreetMap project. 


Step 4. Save the new project:

You are automatically prompted by the Save diaglog window to save a new project to a suitable location.

Saving your OpenStreetMap project


Change the location or rename the project to something suitable.

Click Save. The project you have just saved is opened by GO Loader.


Further Reading

Now you are ready to Load OpenStreetMap data!

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