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To be available for use with GO Loader, tools must be added to the tools subdirectory of the GO Loader installation directory.

To see a list of the tools available from Agent, use the Agent 'show_tools' command.

GOLoaderAgent.bat show_tools

For help on the commands available from a specific tool, use the format 'GOLoaderAgent tool <tool name> help'.  For example, for help on the commands available for the FVDS tool, use the command

GOLoaderAgent.bat tool FVDS help


The FVDS tool is a utility for working with Ordnance Survey's MasterMap Feature Validation Data Set (FVDS). It is supplied as a jar file (FvdsTool.jar) that must be present in the installation/tools directory in order to be used. To run the FVDS tool from GO Loader Agent:

GOLoader.bat AGENT -project "C:\example\osmm.glp" tool FVDS exclude_layer_itn do_and_report_initial_checks C:\mm_data\T001\fvds  

ITN Tool

The ITN Tool is a utility for making best use of the OSMM Integrated Transport Network (ITN) data and Road Routing Information (RRI) data.

OpenStreetMap Tool

The OpenStreetMap Tool provides the end user with the ability to view OpenStreetMap data in a GIS, as well as the ability to do spatial analysis and querying. It does this by identifying line and polygon features within the dataset then creates geometries for each relation and way. Find out more about the OpenStreetMap Tool

The OpenStreetMap Tool can be run from GO Loader Agent using:

call GOLoader.bat AGENT -project "C:\OpenStreetMap_v1_7.glp" tool OSM -threads 3

Find out the parameters for the OpenStreetMap Tool by using the following example:

call GOLoader.bat AGENT tool OSM help



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