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Setting GO Loader Agent Environment variables

GO Loader Agent is designed for the bulk loading of files via the command line and is often run as a background process. Multiple instances of GO Loader Agent can be run simultaneously.

Prior to running GO Loader Agent, it is important to edit the environment file script, depending on your operating system:

Operating SystemEnvironment Script Name
Linux / Solaris

The environment file script is located in the GO Loader home directory (e.g. on Windows: C:\Program Files\GOLoaderv1.7.x)

When running GO Loader Agent on Linux:  some extra configuration may be required.


Within the environment file script you will need to change two key variables:

Variable NamePurpose

To run AGENT via a script outside of the directory where you have installed GO Loader, set GO_LOADER_HOME to the directory where you have installed GO Loader.


To specify a particular Java Runtime environment for GO Loader Agent, set GO_LOADER_JAVA_HOME to the directory where you have installed Java

If the GO_LOADER_JAVA_HOME variable is not set, GO Loader will first try to use a bundled JRE if it is found in the 'jre' subdirectory of your 'GO Loader Home Directory', otherwise it will use the value of JAVA_HOME, if one is set. If none of these is set or found, AGENT will not be able to run.

You can also set these variables externally via your operating system.

Please take care that there are no spaces after any entries you make.




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