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Welcome to Setting up your Project

The Project Setup steps are as follows:

  • Project Management - lets you organise GO Loader projects. Each project contains a different translation from GML to database tables.
  • GML Schema Selection - select the XML schema files for your GML data.
  • GML Filter - if there are certain Feature Types or Attributes in your data which you never need you can filter them out.
  • Translation Policy - select your data loading preferences, loading to a single database table or many, how to deal with repeating fields, etc.
  • Translations/Tables - specify in detail how to translate each GML Element of your feature types into database tables and columns.

Start GO Loader Studio

GO Loader is associated with .glp files, which means that when you double click a .glp project file, GO Loader will automatically be launched and will open then load the project file.

When the project is being loaded, GO Loader will display the processes it is performing in the centre at the bottom of the window - indicated by the red box in the image below.

Loading a project file - displaying the load process.

Dive Deeper!

Navigate around the product documentation using the tree structure below or on the left hand side panel.

You can also search this documentation space using the search box below:

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