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GO Loader 1.8.x Documentation


What's New?

 Find out about what is new for GO Loader v1.8

GO Loader Background

The GO Loader product range is made up of the following components, enabling you to load data into your database of choice:

GO Loader Desktop - configuration of the transformations required for data loading into your database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL etc)

GO Loader Agent - enterprise data command line loading service.

Loading XML? - We have opened up GO Loader to load XML, as well as the geographic extension (GML).


Further product information is available on GO Loader pages of the Snowflake website.

Installation Guide

Before using GO Loader, you will need to download an installer from the Snowflake Customer Portal support website. The GO Loader Installation Guide explains how to do this as well as set up licences and install (or uninstall) the software.

User Guide

The GO Loader User Guide covers the loading of GML datasets so if you are specifically loading Ordnance Survey (OS) datasets then please also refer to the GO Loader OS Step by Step Guide (see below).

If you are new to GO Loader, the GO Loader Studio User Guide will be the best place to start with which covers background and advanced concepts. 

The Physical Database Organisation section introduces you to other concepts that you may find useful: tablespaces, partition maps, primary geometry and spatial clustering. 

Database Archiving covers the concepts behind change only update data. 

The The GO Loader Process provides a knowledge base of what each button and menu option does and is useful as a reference, for the experienced GO Loader User.

GO Loader Agent User Guide

Setting up GO Loader Agent covers how to set GO Loader Agent run time variables.

Example Agent Calls and Commands covers the list of GO Loader Agent commands available including call examples.

Using Tools with Agent covers the post processing tools that can be used with GO Loader Agent.

Working with data:

Ordnance Survey Data

If you are loading OS MasterMap data, the GO Loader OS Step by Step Guide is for you. It includes details for setting up your GO Loader project and performing an initial load of the data. The guide additionally explains how to load Change Only Update (COU) data and make use of your data archives.

OS MasterMap Data Load Summary acts as a good reference to give you a reminder of the MasterMap data loading steps. The Database Archiving explains how to make best use of the archives generated when loading COU data.

Post-Processing Tools

  • The ITN Tool User Guide explains how to run this post-processing tool which processes the OSMM ITN Road Network and RRI themes.
  • The FVDS Tool User Guide explains to run this post-process tool which processes the Feature Validation Data Set (FVDS) - if you have ordered that with your OSMM data.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Data

Read the OpenStreetMap Data overview for more information about OSM and how you can use GO Loader with it. Using the OpenStreetMap Project Template runs through the process of setting up a project specifically for OSM data from a standard template. 

You may need to split your raw data into smaller more manageable files in which case OpenStreetMap Splitter provides useful background information.

OpenStreetMap Workflow runs through the process of loading OSM data. 

Use the OpenStreetMap Geometry Tool to create geometries in your database to view in a GIS.

Release Notes

The GO Loader release notes provide background information to Snowflake Softwares development process and provides explanatory information on what is included in our release notes.

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