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Welcome to GO Loader Tools 

GO Loader Tools are self contained extensions to GO Loader which interact through a pre-defined API, they are able to access information about your database through the GO Loader project information. Some tools may also offer functionality in Batch Mode, which can be accessed by using GO Loader Agent.

Please Note:

When using GO Loader interactively, some GO Loader tools may require a GO Loader project to have been opened before using that Tool.

Tools Available

The following Tools are available with GO Loader from the 'Tools' pulldown menu:

  • Open Street Map Tool - Post processes OpenStreetMap data to create point, line and polygon geometries with attribute information.
  • Open Street Map Splitter - this is used to split up large OpenStreetMap data files.
  • ITN Tool - Post processing of ITN Road Network and RRI themes, opening their feature rich non-spatial attribution to all mainstream GIS applications.
  • FVDS - for use when OS MasterMap data is supplied with a Feature Validation Data Set.

Image displaying the GO Loader Tools available.

Select the appropriate tool to begin the dialogue flow (tools usually require a relevant GO Loader project to be opened first).

Database specific Tools



SQLsvr 2008








Image displaying which tools work with which database connections.

Tool Info

For detailed name and version information about the tools installed, use Help/About, and see the 'Tools' panel.

Image displaying the Tool Information from the Help > About > Tools option

Dive Deeper!

Navigate around the product documentation using the tree structure below or on the left hand side panel.
You can also search this documentation space using the search box below:

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