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This document is intended for end users who want to establish an understanding of and gain experience in using GO Loader Studio. We recommend you have read GO Loader Installation Guide and Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements before reading this guide.

GO Loader:

  • GO Loader is the complete, easy-to-use solution for loading content delivered in Geography Markup Language (GML) into Oracle or PostGIS. 
  • Unique modelling, translation and data management functionality that helps users analyse data.
  • Features an easy to use graphical interfaces that guide the user through all aspects of the database lifecycle.
  • Automatically adapts to any GML dataset so you don't need a costly and time-consuming software upgrade whenever a new dataset comes along

Getting Started:

Find out how to Run GO Loader

Resources are included in the product install directory: [installDir]/examples/treasure.

Project Configuration:

The GO Loader Process splits out the various configuration steps needed to load your data into your database.

GO Loader Tools:

Find out about GO Loader Post-Processing Tools and how valuable they are.


GO Loader Family Products:

Check out our other GO Loader product offerings:

GO Loader Agent:

Find out more about the command line option for batch scripting with the GO Loader Agent User Guide 

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