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This document is intended for end users who have an existing understanding of and experience in using GO Loader Studio and who want to progress to the next stage of loading using GO Loader Agent for batch loading. 

GO Loader Studio and GO Loader Agent Explained

GO Loader Studio

GO Loader Studio is the modelling and interactive loading part of the GO Loader suite. You can use GO Loader Studio to load individual files or directories interactively.

GO Loader Agent

GO Loader Agent performs the same functionality GO Loader Studio but via a command line interface run either as .bat (Windows) or .sh (Linux/Solaris) script. GO Loader Agent commands enable you to perform dual data loads, process COU files as well as create indices and run GO Loader tools. Many of our users run these scripts via cron jobs and do not require user interaction once set up.


Where can I learn how to use GO Loader Agent?

In this user guide:

Setting up GO Loader Agent covers how to set GO Loader Agent run time variables.

Example Agent Calls and Commands covers the list of GO Loader Agent commands available including call examples.

Using Tools with Agent covers the post processing tools that can be used with GO Loader Agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Licence do I need to run GO Loader Agent?

You will need a GO Loader Enterprise Edition (GLEE) licence to utilise GO Loader Agent. GO Loader Agent will locate the licence configured in the GO Loader installation directory.


Do I need to use GO Loader Studio with Agent? 

GO Loader Studio should be first used to set up your GO Loader project (.glp) which contains the translations between your GML data schema and your database schema. GO Loader Agent commands run independently of GO Loader Studio, but must reference your GO Loader project file. 


What can I use Agent for?

GO Loader Agent is extremely useful for automating the full data load lifecycle (i.e. create table, load data, build indices) without the requirement for user interaction between stages. GO Loader Agent is particularly powerful for loading large amounts of data where the load process can be run in parallel and indices can be automatically run after a load process is complete.

Does GO Loader Agent have additional Logging?

You can set up Logging in GO Loader Agent

Where can I learn how to use GO Loader Agent?

Snowflake also provides training for all of our products - check out our GO Loader Advanced Training Course to learn how to get the most out of GO Loader Agent!

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