GO Loader Aviation 1.2 is here! Take a look at what's new.
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GO Loader 1.8 comes bundled with a handful of new features designed to streamline your loading and XML / GML mapping experience.

Support for Future Ordnance Survey Datasets

GO Loader 1.8 comes with support for the new Ordnance Survey GB Change Only Update standard out of the box. What does this mean for you? It means GO Loader will support and load new datasets from OS on day one, without any need for a new product version. Simply parse the new schemas, create your mappings and database tables and you will be ready to start accepting both initial and change only update data.

Updated Support for the Latest Technologies

GO Loader 1.8 has been built with the latest technology platforms in mind. This means support for PostgreSQL 9.4 with the PostGIS 2.1 extension, Oracle Database version 12c and an upgrade to JAVA 8, offering our users the all of the performance and security this brings.

Add a NOT NULL constraint to Your Columns

New in GO Loader 1.8 is an option to add a NOT NULL constraint to any of your database columns. This allows you to define elements that will cause a feature to be failed if a data value is not present on load. More information on this new feature can be found here.



User Interface Improvements 

In GO Loader 1.8 you can drag and drop the files you wish to load straight into the load files tab. The GO Loader desktop application is also now fully supported in Linux platforms.

Improved Logging

We have streamlined GO Loader's logging and made it more customisable. Check out the GO Loader Logging documentation to find out more.

Transform Geometries Between Spatial Reference Systems On-The-Fly

GO Loader 1.8 is the first GO Loader release to include geometry transformation capability, allowing you to transform geographic data from its source spatial reference system (SRS) to an SRS of your choosing. No more post processing or GIS calculations - GO Loader does the hard work with geographic transformation during the loading process.


More information can be found on the GO Loader 1.8 Release Note Page

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