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Feature Support

This document is to list the feature types supported by the ATM Viewer.

File Formats

The ATM Viewer supports loading from a variety of file extensions which might contain AIXM data:

  • .xml
  • .gml
  • .aixm

The Viewer also loads .zip files, extracting and loading all of the above supported extensions that are contained within the zip.

Supported AIXM Features


  • AircraftStand
  • AirportHeliport
  • AirportHotSpot
  • Airspace
  • Apron
  • ApronElement
  • ArrestingGear
  • DeicingArea
  • DesignatedPoint
  • DME
  • GeoBorder
  • Glidepath
  • GuidanceLine
  • GuidanceLineMarking
  • InformationService
  • Localizer
  • MarkerBeacon
  • Navaid
  • NDB
  • RadioFrequencyArea
  • Road
  • Route
  • RouteSegment
  • Runway
  • RunwayCentrelinePoint
  • RunwayDirectionLightSystem
  • RunwayElement
  • RunwayMarking
  • RunwayProtectArea
  • StandMarking
  • TaxiHoldingPosition
  • TaxiHoldingPositionMarking
  • Taxiway
  • TaxiwayElement
  • TaxiwayMarking
  • TouchDownLiftOff
  • VerticalStructure
  • VOR
  • WorkArea

Future Support

  • Currently unsupported AIXM features
  • AIXM's temporality model
  • Full Airspace polygon construction
  • Support for using another AIXM feature as part of a geometry
  • Following xlinks between AIXM element from the XML tree view


The ATM Viewer contains all of the schemas that are required to load AIXM. It also contains the FAA SAA message schemas, which it has support for. The Viewer also supports loading of addition schemas.

Unsupported Geometries

The Viewer supports most GML geometries through the use of our GML API.

One thing the Viewer does not support is the use of XLinks to reuse a geometry.




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