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This document is intended to help with common problems that you might come across

No Globe Displaying

On Linux

If on you are on a Linux system, then the problem may be as a result of DXTn compression issues. The WorldWind FAQ section details how to solve this problem.

All other systems

  1. Memory Settings: the issue might be caused by a lack of memory for Java. There is an 'atmviewer.vmoptions' file in the install directory of the ATM Viewer. Adding the line -Xmx512m will set the maximum memory to 512MB. Adjust the number according to your requirements and how much available memory you system has.
  2. Firewall issues: In order to display the background imagery the ATM Viewer needs to go out to the internet on Port 80. Some corporate firewalls, allow port 80 through a Wifi connection but not via a LAN. If the globe has background imagery on the wifi but not the LAN then it's definitely a firewall issue
  3. Java 7: Check the version of Java you are running by typing java -version at the command line, ensure the installed version is Java 6 as there are know issues with Java7. The 3D globe of the ATM Viewer is based on NASA WorldWind unfortunately there are a number of compatibility issues with Java 7 that are documented here. If you have downloaded the NoVM installer (i.e. inferring that you already have Java installed) then try the installing the option that includes Java.
  4. Old graphics card: If you are on hardware that's over 5 years old then in some rare circumstances the ATM Viewer maybe incompatible with your graphics card / graphic chip.
  5. Connecting to a Laptop Docking Station: Lenovo X1 Carbon with a Lenovo dock - When connecting to external monitors the OpenGL and Graphics Drivers installed are disabled, however when using the software on the laptop without the dock the globe is displayed as expected.

If none of the above applies copy and paste the contents of Help->About (Details tab) to an email and send it to us at info@snowflakesoftware.com

Application runs out of memory or is slow when loading large files

When loading large AIXM files (in excess of 50Mb uncompressed or more than 100,000 features) the ATM Viewer may start to perform slowly or run out of memory before loading the file. To resolve this you can increase the max memory limit by editing the 'atmviewer.vmoptions' file in the installation directory. Before you do this you should check your operating system architecture (32bit or 64bit) and the current max memory settings.

  1. In the ATM Viewer goto Help->About->Details and you'll see the screenshot as shown opposite. Look for the Max Memory setting and the OS Arch values
  2. In the installation directory find the atmviewer.vmoptions file and edit the -Xmx value:
    1. If you have installed the ATM Viewer on a 32bit system then the max value you can set this to is -Xmx1536m (1.5gb of memory)
    2. If you have installed the ATM Viewer on a 64bit system then you can set -Xmx to the max amount of memory you have on your machine for example -Xmx5120m for (5gb of memory)
  3. Now restart the ATM Viewer and goto Help->About->Details to check the Max Memory has changed.

If the viewer doesn't start up then you've set the value too high for the amount of memory you have install on the machine.


Updating to the latest version without re-registering

From version 1.0.2 onwards there is support for auto-update from inside the ATM Viewer, this means you don't have to re-register each time on our website to get the latest version.

Just fire up the ATM Viewer and you will see a link at the top stating 'Download Update: Version X.X.X is now available'.

Click on the blue link. The update installer will be download and your existing install will be auto updated to the latest version.


Any other problems, get in touch at info@snowflakesoftware.com.



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